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Luther Cassell Stephens


Our History

Cassell3D was named after Tim's grandfather, Luther Cassell Stephens.  He was a hard working "one horse and plow" farmer from Grayson, Kentucky.  You will notice on our logo the date of 1886.  No, we have not been in business that long - that was the year of his birth.  We named the company after him to honor his name and his work ethic.  He struggled and persevered to feed and care for his family of five during the world wars and the great depression.  Sadly, he died six months before Tim was born.  

Our Inspiration

The company was created from Tim’s interest in producing some hard to find parts in his workshop. He began the exciting (he says) journey of learning computer aided design and production for small businesses. Along the way he began producing earrings for Cindy to wear and enjoy, and lo and behold she began having friends and strangers ask her everyday where she obtained her earrings and where they could get them. “My husband makes them for me” was her answer.  These conversations sparked an idea in our minds.

Tim’s background includes over twenty one years as an airline pilot and ten years prior to that as a computer and electronics technician. He is excited to be taking his skills and combining them with Cindy’s artistic visions.

Cindy is a hospice nurse and says that her earrings are a source of fun and whimsy that the world needs presently.  She loves when her patients and families comment on the bright colors and creative shapes.

Cindy is the creative inspiration that you see here, and Tim takes responsibility for the design and production.

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