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Articulating Figurines - Kid Approved!

In a world brimming with technology and digital distractions, there's something magical about witnessing a child who embraces the simple joys of playing with toys. Allow us to introduce you to Sebastian, a young and spirited adventurer with an insatiable curiosity for the wonders of the world.

Sebastian’s family visited Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair earlier this month. Among our creations, the articulating 3D printed figurines captured Sebastian's heart. With movable joints that allowed them to bend, twist, and transform, these figurines became vessels for boundless imagination. His father purchased a Baby Axolotl articulating figurine.. Unfortunately, when they arrived home from their trip, they discovered the baby axolotl had been lost. Because Sebastian had enjoyed playing with the baby axolotl, his father contacted Cassell3D and requested to purchase not 1 but 4 Baby Axolotl figurines of various colors. These were sent out once Cassell3D returned home from the Craftsmen’s fair.

We believe that every child deserves the enchantment of imaginative play. These moments of unbridled creativity sow the seeds of innovation and ingenuity for the future.

As we continue our journey at Cassell3D, we are inspired to push the boundaries of innovation, not only for children like Sebastian but for all those young at heart who believe in the wonders of the imagination.

So, here's to Sebastian and all the young adventurers out there – may your imaginations soar, and may our 3D printed figurines be the wings that carry you to the farthest reaches of your dreams.

Here’s picture of Sebastian and his Baby Axolotl. Kid approved!

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