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Cassell3D at Bigtop a Success

Recently we set up our exhibit of 3D printed jewelry at The Big Top Shopping Festival in downtown Conroe, Texas. Saturday was cold, windy and rainy. But Sunday, the weather was perfect!

We had lots of folks to stop by during the 2-day event to ask about our 3D printed jewelry printing service, for unique, customized requests. We had a customized order for tennis ball earrings with the high school initials on them for a spirited mother. We met a teenage actress who requested the fun and original emoji smiley face earrings that are whimsical and lightweight for her to wear around town. “They go with everything I wear and are just FUN.”

We had numerous gentlemen and ladies who asked about the 3D printing service, and how we are able to provide more than 1 color with our fun, colorful, lightweight, and whimsical jewelry accessories that can be customized to the buyer’s unique needs. Customers were surprised that we computer design, print and then create the little pieces of art – handmade locally, in our home, in Conroe Texas.

The smiley face earrings were a hit for this event, and our best seller this weekend with chickens and crayfish earrings in close second and third. We sold a pair of smiley face earrings to a couple, and before we left the event, they requested 10 more pairs for an event they were going to the following weekend in Las Vegas. We had that order of smiley face earrings created and out to her by Tuesday afternoon. We printed the customized tennis ball earrings and had them in the mail by Tuesday afternoon.

If you’d like to see our smiley face, chicken, crayfish or any of our other 200 or so designs, you can view them at!

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