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Cassell3D Joins the 3rd Annual Michel H. Draper Art Show at Southern Star Brewery

We are thrilled to announce that Cassell3D will be a proud participant in the 3rd Annual Michel H. Draper Art Show, happening today at the renowned Southern Star

Brewery. This exciting event brings together artists, creators, and art enthusiasts to celebrate creativity and innovation.

Date: 081923

Location: Southern Star Brewery,3525 N Frazier St, Conroe, TX

Unveiling Our Newest Articulating Prints: Hammer Head Sharks, Posing Dolphins, Baby Pigs, and Scorpions

At Cassell3D, we are all about pushing the boundaries of imagination and technology. We are excited to introduce our latest prints – articulating figurines that will mesmerize and captivate you. Imagine hammerhead sharks that mimic the movement of the ocean waves, playful dolphins striking dynamic poses, adorable baby pigs that capture hearts, and intriguing scorpions that come to life with every angle. These articulating prints showcase the pinnacle of 3D printing innovation and artistry.

Join Us for a Day of Art and Creativity

We invite you to join us at Southern Star Brewery for a day filled with art, creativity, and community. The 3rd Annual Michel H. Draper Art Show is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and discover unique creations.

Cassell3D is honored to be part of this event, and we can't wait to share our passion for 3D printing with you. Come meet our team, explore our captivating designs, and witness the magic of articulating prints in person.

Get Ready to Be Amazed

The 3rd Annual Michel H. Draper Art Show at Southern Star Brewery promises a day of inspiration and artistic exploration. Cassell3D is excited to contribute to this celebration of creativity, and we can't wait to introduce you to our newest marvels. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the fusion of art and technology – join us today and be ready to be amazed!

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