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A Whole New Adventure starts 031821.

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Welcome to Cassell3D, a new small business in Conroe, TX. We have combine Cindy's creative mind with Tim's technical skills and grandpa's workmanship with a dash of extreme work ethic to bring a new inexpensive variety of 3d printed jewelry. These little creations of art are not only beautiful and fun to wear, but are also boldly colorful and lightweight to allow you to wear all day in comfort. See something you like, but would like it customized for your needs? Just ask. We are ready to fill your creative needs and your cart! New designs are being created daily, so check back often, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

By the way, the picture below is of Tim sitting on a paragliding launch in Vermont. We called it, "The Leap of Faith", because with the fog that had rolled in, you could not see past the laugh platform. As you worked down the mountain, you could see what was below the ramp, and we are told it was used a lot by the locals.

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Anna Perkins
Anna Perkins
Jun 02, 2021

I was pleased with my received order, it was delivered as promised and packing was super.

I had requested gift keyrings for my guy graduates. (the item was not advertised). They were designed with the boys name and the logo of their sport. I am sure they will enjoy , as they are unique

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